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By Nettshubby
Can anyone tell me what needs to be changed to fit an Indian right change 5 speed gearbox to my 4 speed 500 Bullet. IE clutch parts, sprocket, levers.
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By stinkwheel
Clutch centre is definately different, the splines are a different configuration. Same with the gearbox sprocket. You can keep the same gearing as they're still 1:1 in top gear but you might find you can go up a tooth because there isn't the huge gap in ratios below top gear. My understanding is the extra gear is effectively where 3 1/2 would be on the 4-speed box so you don't have to balance full speed cruising in top with the annoyance of having the thrash the engine up hills in 3rd at 45mph.

I think they have a different gear lever and kickstart too. Maybe a different clutch cable, which one would depend on the type of levers you have.
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By Wheaters
The existing clutch can be built into a 5 speed hub/basket. Expensive so shop around,

You will need a 5 speed primary chaincase oil seal plate.

The 4 speed kickstart lever fits the 5 speed shaft but might need heating and bending outwards to clear some exhaust types.

The gear change lever is very different. You can buy a “non heel and toe” type for the 5 speed..

The clutch cable is totally different.

The change pattern is one down, four up, rather than one up three down like the 4 speed. Hitchcock’s sell a different cam plate which makes it revert to the old pattern. If you fit the latter the neutral light no longer works.

The best mod by far that I’ve done to my 350.
By Daiwiskers
I did things differently and much cheaper
By fitting a set of our hosts close ratio gears I no longer have the big leap between third and forth.

It really makes a big difference to how the bike ride's
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By Adrian
You will need the longer ⅜" BSC studs for the bottom of the gearbox where it bolts onto the back of the engine (see the Sixty-5 or Electra-X parts book), ISTRC the top ones won't need changing.

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By Wheaters
Yes, that’s correct.

There is also a different 5 speed lower mudguard bracket. It’s needed because the gearbox case has a different shape and the bracket bolts to it.

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