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By Daiwiskers
Classic spam
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By Graeme @ Hitchcocks
Thank you to everyone who has been reporting the spam postings that have managed to circumvent all of our anti- spam measures and make their way onto the forum. Unfortunately, over the last few weeks our site has become a target for this type of posting and although we stop the vast majority from ever reaching the forum an unacceptably large number of them are managing to slip through. So I thought it might be a good idea to give you an idea of the scale of the problem:

Over the last 6 weeks we have had over 2300 individual spammers attempt to register accounts. These attempts were identified by our anti-spam software and stopped from completing the registration process and never reached the point where they could attempt to make a post.

Over the same period, we have had over 500 spammers manage to register and make a posting, however these were detected as being potential spam and held for us to check before being allowed to proceed or being rejected.

Despite this there are still, on average, 5 a day being posted successfully and which we have to find and remove manually. We are looking at additional automation to try and reduce this number but it hard for software to detect what a is a legitimate post and what is not once a posting gets this far through the verification process. This has become a time-consuming process for us and we still don’t always spot them (particularly at weekends) so any help in spotting suspicious postings will be gratefully received.
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By Nitrowing
Why not give some of the long term members of the forum the ability to 'hide' a spam post for moderators to review?

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