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By davet68
This is my first post and come to that my first motorbike renovation . so, I have some questions !
There is a pipe between the crankcase and chain case, So first question.. is this just a breather ?
The part that enters into the chaincase is angled but it is loose and can pivot, I intend to tack it into place
Which brings on Q2 which direction should it be, down ?
Q3 how much oil should I put in ?

Thanks in advance
By Enfield505
Hi, if you are talking about the brass body breather screwed onto the side of the crankcase with 3 screws and has 2 little breather discs inside then this breather pipe doesn't go into the primary but instead is angled to discharge oil over the rear drive chain on top of the gearbox sprocket. Not 100% sure on the oil in the primary but think that it is about 250 mils. Hitchcock may have an online manual for it. If not look up the Model G amount as it will be the same. Cheers.
By davet68
Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes it is the pipe from that brass fitting, so it would seem mine was 'modified' at some point to go into the chaincase. Not sure what to do now !
By Enfield505
If it was my motorcycle I would restore it to its normal position, over the rear chain. If redirected into the primary case you would be dumping old black engine oil into the primary which would build up sludge and could ultimately cause the clutch to start sticking. Made worse with the engine oil being a 50W and the primary oil being a lot thinner - most people use ATF which works well. But then again the steel primary covers can be a bit of a chore to seal so the old engine oil may just run straight out the bottom.
All the best with your quest.
By davet68
That makes perfect sense. I'll re route to as original and fill the hole up.
Many thanks for your advice
Cheers !

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