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By don
Someone has stripped the thread on a new 650 intecreptor. I want to put a hellicoil in there and use the current plug.

Any one know what the thread is?\

looks to be 12.7 mm across the thread of the plug
By Daiwiskers
A lot of sump plugs use a spark plug thread
I'm not sure about the interceptor but 12.7mm is pretty close to a 14mm spark plug thread

I am sure someone will know for sure but that's where I would start

Hope this helps Dai
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By Adrian
M14x1.25 is 14mm spark plug thread, so an easy size for which to get Heli-coil and other repairs kits. Tapping size drill for this is 12.5mm, so I suspect Dai is on the money.

If that IS the thread you need (just check your sump plug against a spark plug, some sump plugs have M14 x 1.5), I'd be tempted to get one of the "solid", i.e. non-spring type inserts. Both these and the Heli-coil kits use an oversize tap, M16x1.25 for their spark plug thread inserts.


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