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1970 Interceptor, bought in England 2003, previous owner brought it there from Australia, he bought it out of a container full of imported bikes from the U.S.

Mine is the Series 2, USA spec, with the sought-after parts: original oil cooler, sump guard and air filter (haven't used it). Rode it a while and did a full nut and bolt restoration in 2004.
The look is nearly as original, except the indicators (needed in Germany), Akront high-shoulder rims and an oil cooler bypass valve (mechanical). There are a lot of technical improvements: New, one piece Hitchcocks barrels, new pistons, plasma-nitriding camshafts, new oil pump, oil pressure gauge, engine completely overhauled by a known british bike specialist (BB Weigelt). Gearbox made out of NOS parts from Hitchcocks (original parts still present), primary drive with belt and 7 discs wet clutch (Bullet racing clutch - no slipping). Completely new electrics with waterproof plugs (Superseal), 6 fuses instead of 1 original, all load-dependent circuits switched by relay. Electronic ignition (Sachse), electronic regulator, alarm system. Stainless steel mudguards, all parts that may be vulnerable to vibration are fitted with EDPM pieces, nearly every nut and bolt replaced by stainless steel ones. Tank decal is painted by a Pro instead of the original plastic strip. Stainless spokes, new wheel bearings, new cables etc. Spend more than 21.000 Euro for parts and services.

Since restoration it has covered 7700 miles, but I now have 5 motorcycles and 2 mopeds and so I don't ride it enough - it has to go.

Of course it's not perfect after these miles: Tank is welded on the left side (done by the last owner - completely tight since then. Some light traces of use visible. If you don't know the gearbox and don't treat it like it needs, the 3rd gear sometimes jumps out.

Complete restoration in text (in German language only, sorry...) and pictures here: -> Motorrad -> Royal Enfield Interceptor Series II

Depending on offer and sale price some of the following parts may be included (or at extra cost):

New, chromed tank without paint and not yet sealed
2 new Carrillo conrods (worth 1400 Euro)
2 cylinder heads (for restoration)
1 overhauled crankshaft
Some boxes with parts left from the restoration
Inspection material such as oil filters, gaskets etc.

Bike is located in Bonn, Germany.

My asking price is 13.500 Euro.

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