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By spoony
Looking for a 500 Bullet. Doesn’t need to be cosmetically perfect but does need to be mechanically sound and with current MOT.
By Geraintosaurus
Hi Spoony,

Are you still looking? Have one for sale, £1,500. 2 years on MOT, but haven't started it in a while so will need a bit of love to get it road ready.


By Raju
Hello Sir,

Are looking for RE 500cc , old std 500cc point ignition or classic 500cc UCE, EFI Engine type??

Best regards
Raju .
By spoony
Hi Geraint, is there some way that I can contact you about the bike? The forum won't let me send you a message.
By RoSy
Mine might be for sale only because I've seen something else I want, completely up together MOTd until next year, lots of work done, 2003.. £2400 firm.. Will post details on here if you are interested.

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