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By mart
Crusader / Bullet trials bike project-
Mid 60’s Crusader frame
no V5
Continental GT swing arm- allows for fitment if 4.00 rear trials tyre and a bigger sprocket
New Bullet forks-
Ali top yoke with bar clamp and bolts-
Renthal trials bars-
2 Ali mudguards -
Complete 500 engine in bits-
New Aluminium barrel-
Lightweight rockers-
The engine was running fine before I took it apart-
the gearbox is fine
Mikarb carb-
Bullet pre-generator outer chaincase. (the narrow one for better ground clearance)-
New aluminium wheel rims and SS spokes -
21 inch front rim on refurbed Redditch half with hub and new brake shoes -
18 inch rear rim on re-furbed full width hub-
2 wheel spindles and nuts-
Stainless steel rear wheel adjusters-
Trials folding foot rests-
Chain tensioner-
Lucas SR1 Mag rebuilt by ex Lucas technician-
re magnetised, re wound coil, new points and condenser-
Lucas ATD
Custom made, works style, front pipe
It cost around £2350.00 to get it to this stage, though I appreciate Im not going to get that, so I am open to offers.
PM me if you are interested
By mart
Hi gnasher- correct email address but I have not received your email. do you have a number I can call you on? or post your email address. cheers Martyn

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