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By DickC
I have decided that my late 2005 Electra X must go, I need the space and as I never rode it last year due to other commitments and an iffy back I think she should go.
Ruby has done 16900 miles, right hand gear change, black, has rack and top box plus a screen (not fitted).
I have fitted the softer fork springs from our hosts, and although I never had any problems with the sprag clutch I removed it as a precaution. Also I have fitted a de compressor as recommended by Adrian and kick starting is easy.
The previous owner removed the emission stuff and fitted a nice sounding silencer and it still has the original carb, good Roadrunner tyres fitted.
Shall MOT if purchased, good condition, reluctant sale.
£1750 ono, Bedfordshire

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By Cov Lad
I have sent an email. Adrian are you saying that Electra X's are still worth a punt? I have been reading up and speaking to a few people in the know. I understand that the electras benefit from regular use and that sitting around is not good for the engine. Would a year of inactivity be a worry?
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By Adrian
Well, despite what happened with my original Electra-X I enjoyed it enough to

a) build an Electra-X/Redditch hybrid special, albeit with some engine improvements;

b) start another one, must finish it - and:

c) buy another running '56 reg Electra-X just the other week for my wife as her learner bike (permitted under A2 licence).

I would point out she asked if she could restore an old motorcycle a while back, and with all the spare Electra-X engine parts, wheels and front end currently sat twiddling their figurative thumbs in the garage, guess what the finished result is going to look a lot like? OK the frame will be from an earlier Indian Bullet, but close enough, and similar enough to what she will have learnt to ride on for it not to come as a shock when it's ready.

Sitting unused might not be too bad depending on how the bike is stored.

What I think I have tried to explain all along is that, yes the Electra-X can be an EXCELLENT bike, see Bullet Whisperer's video on one of other recent Electra-X topics. However we can't ignore their known weaknesses, but there's nothing that can't be fixed or improved upon.

Sounds like you're already interested enough to give it a go (Dick's even fitted the right-foot shift already), if you like the thing ride and enjoy, just fit some sump magnets if Dick hasn't already done so and allow a bit in your **overall** budget for bottom end rebuild, either with one of our hosts' performance cranks, or with a new con-rod and big-end, I see our hosts have part no. 90125C back in stock.

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By Cov Lad
Adrian, I have contacted Dick but not viewed his item. The Electra I looked at was the one on Ebay recently. Unfortunately It is a 2 hour drive away. I was only able to see it in the owners shed ticking over ( which sounded fine). I would have liked to have had a spin on it but I think he was scared of getting it wet.The bike comes with a few spares which I probably don't actually need. Do you know if there is much of a market for Electra spares? I am also interested in an older iron head bullet which may only be 4 speed. I guess this would be slightly slower. Choices choices. I am most impressed by your wife's restoration plan.
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By Adrian
Cov Lad,

I can't really comment on spares sales here. Judging by some of the stuff that sits around on ebay demand is not great!


anyone else interested?

By DickC
I have had a couple of enquiries that haven't come to much as yet, so early days,.. as you say they can be made good and with an open mind a nice cheap bike to own.
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By Slappy
Good morning is the eletra still for sale if so i would be interested in taking a look many thanks Dave.
By DickC
Oops , sorry Slappy I have only just seen your message, the bike can still be viewed if you want, I am in Bedfordshire, near Biggleswade.
Can send a photo if I have your email address.
By DickC
As my Matchless has just been sold and the MZ has a main bearing problem I have now put the Electra X on the road, I enjoyed my trip to the MOT station so am looking forward to using the bike this summer.
It was SORNED this last 18 months and stored in a warm garage so all is good, and if the dreaded big end goes, "IF", then I shall have to ask for all my Christmas and birthday money in one go and get the thing fixed!

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