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By Adrian
The thing is there are fixes (or pre-emptive toughening-up precautions) you can apply to the Electra-X. This with the benefit of hindsight, and of course it means an engine strip and - gulp - spending money. Find an Electra which has been taken off the road after all the big failures, buy it cheap and rebuild it with all the good bits so that you end up with the bike it was **supposed** to have been.

Not everyone has the stomach for this, or else they have been embittered by the whole thing if they bought one that went bang (I'm not sure that the word embittered is quite adequate to describe Norm's feelings on the matter) and will warn people off. Understandable. As I posted elsehwere I recently saw an Electra-X parked up at the Bristol classic Bike Show with over 44,000 on the clock, so some good ones DID make it onto the dealers' floors. It's up to you, do the risk assessment!

By Kentish Man
To counter all this negativity about the Electra X, let me tell you why I bought mine. I specifically wanted this model and waited for some time for one to become available. If you wanted to build a special, this spec might be on your list: disc brake, 5 speed gearbox, electronic ignition, aluminium head and barrel, high capacity oil pump, electric start, separate engine and gearbox. Yes, my sprag clutch has failed, but no problem, I removed the starter motor, starter solenoid and cabling and blanked off starter motor hole. Yes, I have to kick start it (not a problem, because I'm used to classic bikes). I ride my bike hard (70mph) and it performs faultlessly. The whole experience is thoroughly enjoyable. The engine is quiet and uses no oil. The bike has done 10,000 miles. So, all good and I will and do recommend one.
By Norm
Cov Lad, I care not what you do, but as long as you are aware that if/when it goes bang you are prepared to dish out big bucks getting it repaired. Kentish Man I think it is about the 1100mile mark when the big end fails, but I wish you well with it. Adrian with the 44000 on the clock, I'm assuming it has been rebuilt at least once.
By Cov Lad
Thanks Kentish Man, good to hear an alternative opinion. I have no problem kicking over a bike if that was the only problem left after a spragg clutch problem. The big end fail is more of a worry. The bike I am interested in has done around 15,000 miles, so Norm could I assume that the big end on this particular bike is more trustworthy or is it still likely to fail some time in the future? I really appreciate all of the different opinions, thanks.
By Norm
Cov Lad, just remember there is about 10 miles from when a big end is sounding ok and when it is shot, you must factor this in if you are going to buy one. They can be a good bike, but there is a chance you will need deep pockets at some stage. Entirely your choice but we don't want you coming back here telling us it has all gone bad
By Norm
Another thing to keep in mind is the Electra doesn't have a decomp valve so it makes kick starting them a bit more difficult
By Cov Lad
I would never dream of coming back on here and moaning Norm should I buy an Electra and it goes tits up.
Out of interest what would you recommend Enfield wise Norm rather than the bastard electra? Do you favour the older 4 speed or the newer Efi jobs. What bike(s) do you ride Norm?
By Norm
Cov Lad, I have rebuilt contless numbers of Enfield motors over the years, can't do much these days having too much difficulty walking after breaking my hip trying to start a, you guessed it an Electra 10 years ago. At one stage there was 15 Enfields sitting in my shed, not all mine but ones I was working on. There is still a 1945 sitting here that I fitted an Indian 350 motor in but sadly the owner died and it just sits here. I still have my 65 Inter and 82 Honda 750 but sadly I have not been able to ride for about 12 months now due to my leg. I have not ridden a UCE ever and never will but the new 650 looks a good machine and hopefully they will last ok

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