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By Norm
I forgot the little 1954 CZ that I must put back together, got that as a basket case but at least the motor runs fine.
By Cov Lad
I fully understand. I have arthritis which in the past meant I could not even kick over my Lambretta or pull in the clutch. I was not able to ride for a while. I had steroid injections and kept going until back on bikes. This is part of the reason for going for an electric start. The older machines with kick start only are looking more attractive though. I keep looking at my modern bikes and thinking an Enfield could sit there instead.
By Norm
Cov Lad many people have bought these electric start Enfield for exactly the reasons you mentioned. Many have been sadly disappointed but if this is what you want and as long as you are prepared to replace the sprag and associated bits when it fails then by all means go for it. The downside is sometimes when the sprag fails it can lock things up and the bike needs a recovery vehicle

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