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By Cov Lad
I am aware of how misfire can damage the sprag clutch and fitting a hitchcock spark delay unit may prevent this. I wonder if kickback when using the kickstart will also cause the engine to move backwards and cause damage? Will the delay unit protect damage if this is the case?
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By Adrian
Any kick-back is bad news for the sprag clutch. Given enough it will kill it, even if the first or the tenth one does not. I gather it's not the best thing for RE oil-pulp drive shafts either.

The spark delay unit was intended to protect against misfires due to voltage drops or electrical interference when using the electric start but won't help if the carburation isn't set right. Later Electras should have the green TCI box with the spark delay built in, the separate unit was offered as a stop-gap measure for earlier bikes.

By Norm
And if you get a big kick back, you look down expecting to see the bottom half of the motor laying on the ground and oil everywhere
By Tim NZ

All the spark-delay does is cancel out the first sparks, thus enabling the crank to be spinning faster, and 'hopefully' start easier. It does not compensate for over advanced ignition timing or incorrect (lean) carburetion. Post 2006 Electra X have lower compression by way of the crankcase mouth being higher than previously, and should have the 'green' (spark cancel) control unit???

Neither of which fully prevented Kick Back and Sprag bearing failure.

A far cheaper, safer and simpler method is to engage the valve lifter to both start, and stop, the engine EVERY TIME.

The Stock valve lifter is pathetic, (it was a Choke on Suzukis in a previous life) Fit a Lifter with some strength and leverage; push bike brake lever assy for example.
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By Cov Lad
This is very depressing reading. I will go to view the Electra with a bit more apprehension now unfortunately.
By Norm
The valve lifter on the Electra as well as the tappets have to be among the most disgraceful piece of engineering I have seen, if you somehow use the useless valve lifter you run the risk of breaking the tappet because some nutter in the design department, and I use those words with total hatred, is they reduced the tappet diameter on the Cast Irons from 9mm to 6mm on the Electra, now what fool would do that. Now Cov Lad have a long think about what you have been told, as I said before, why put your head in the noose
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By Cov Lad
Well Norm, as some people seem to be surviving with electras and all their baggage I thought I would at least have a look. At the moment it is the best bike available at a good price. I won't be bringing a helmet to ride it back though!

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