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By Amarsh
I’m looking for an Enfield. Must be running with a current MOT. £1,300 for the right bike. I’m Surrey based. Alan
By Mark M
Running and MOT’d for £1300? Your money can relax! REgards, Mark
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By Adrian
If you'd scroll down a bit further you'd see there's a post with a 350 for sale in Herts for £1395. Close enough, money-wise?

By Mark M
My apologies. I think that is unusually cheap though? Even 350s usually go for more? REgards, Mark
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By Adrian
I think the seller (looks like it's Paul off the old Bullet Mania forum) is hoping an enthusiast will take it on! My worry about bikes sold cheaply is that they get snapped up by dealers on put back on for sale with a big mark-up. I see it's up on ebay too, item 292996802008.

By rustygman
Hang on. Does this mean my battered looking but running and MOT'd 350 with 20,000 miles on the clock is worth around £1300 quid. I thought i was running around on about £800 quids worth of banger. If I wasn't so attached to the thing I would be cashing in.
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By Wheaters
"If I wasn't so attached to the thing".. I suffer from the same problem. My Honda, a far more capable, powerful and comfortable bike has done hardly any miles since I got my 350 from that bike rescue centre, otherwise known as Ebay....
By Paul
Yes Adrian, that's my bike on eBay item 292996802008

What I haven't put in the advert yet is that a crate of brand new spares will be going with it! Brand new stuff like cables sprockets gaskets bearings levers rectifiers chain etc etc must be one or 2 thousand pounds worth. I need to sort it out, photograph it and add it to the Ebay advert. I'll try and do this Sunday. I couldn't put it in the advert here because our hosts don't allow adverts for parts which is understandable.

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By Adrian
Hi Paul,

let's hope you can find a good home for it all.

By SkinnerHolden
Amarsh, did you find something, Adrian, did you sell. I bought my 350 for 1100 on ebay. It has been fun getting it looking like I would like and even more fun sorting out all of the little gripes and moans and niggles. Haven't actually ridden it in earnest yet, but ever hopeful!! Can we post pictures on here?

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