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By Adrian
Yep, that'd be high on my replace list. Think I'd be ordering a set of stainless steel mudguards from Autocycle Engineering, too

The compatibility of Indian Bullet spares is a mixed blessing for Redditch Bullets, at least it can help get a bike back on the road, although SOME Indian parts can, as quoted above, stick out like a sore thumb... Gives you a chance to look/save up for original or decent repro parts though, or you can let the next owner worry about it, as in this case.

Scaly, you could buy it for the tank badges and sell it on!

By PeteF
You are supposed to flag the item as "sold" on the listing when you receive the cash. Ebay then take their selling fee.
I've sold loads of stuff "cash on collection" with no problem.
What really is naughty is to take payment then flag the item as no longer for sale. They get annoyed about that and rightly so.

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