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By jda
Red. Great condition for year. Always garaged and regularly serviced. MOT DEC 2018. 12,000 miles. Hitchcocks EFI exhaust pipe and silencer, KN filter, front sprocket increased by 1 tooth, new hitchcocks swinging arm bearing. All sensible mods that transform the sound and usability. Based near Swindon, Wilts. Sensible offers around £2000. 07795 386145
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By Trev
I have a mate who covets my 2008 efi (despite currently only having a track day bike!) so I've just let him now you have one for sale and passed on your details, his name is Mark if he calls. Mine has the same mods + K*&N and TEC shocks, it's now a really usable bike for back lanes and B roads and surprises one or two ; )

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