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By Wheaters
These spammers seem to be able to instantly register and post. Surely, a moratorium on registrations would prevent this from happening.

I administer a forum for a car club where new registrations have to be approved by a moderator (at present this is myself, the chairman, or the club secretary). Any suspicious attempts to register just get blocked. We also have a “CAPTCHA” solving system in place. Although the latter can be irritating, it seems to work because we don’t suffer these “Spamming” problems.
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By Chris [Stockport]
A great shame, I have enjoyed and benefited from this forum a LOT.
I have just succeeded in posting on the new one Hitchcocks suggest.
By RoSy
I can't help but share the sentiments of others on this forum, It's been very entertaining, informative, and helped me out many times in my quest to keep my Enfields on the road. But it comes at a time quite ironically when I am also thinking of winding down my long motorcycling career after 60yrs, I still can't part with with my last bike having sold the others I just have to have one in the garage just in case.

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