This Forum is now CLOSED use the link to get more details viewtopic.php?f=5&t=13926
For the last 20 years we have been hosting this forum on our website. During this time it has been an informative, useful and enjoyable facility for many Royal Enfield Owners. In recent times it has been constantly attacked by spam postings, the majority of these are stopped before they can be seen by the public but it needs a disproportionate amount of resources by Hitchcocks to manage this.

For the last few years we have also been hosting the very active “Unofficial Royal Enfield Community Forum”. As you know there are an ever increasing amount of forums and groups available on the internet for Royal Enfields and we feel it is now time to retire the “Hitchcocks Forum” and concentrate our resources on the “Unofficial Royal Enfield Community Forum”.

However, it will be retained as a read only forum and will retain its search facility and all historic postings. You will not be required to register or log-in to view these postings but no new registrations or postings will be possible.

We would encourage you to visit and use the “Unofficial Royal Enfield Community Forum” ( which is very active and designed to meet the needs of the more modern Royal Enfield era that we now find ourselves in.

Thank you for your support and for all of the contributions that you have made over the years that helped make it such a successful and popular tool and we look forward to seeing you on the “Unofficial Royal Enfield Community Forum” in the future.

This will be implemented sometime during week commencing 22 August 2022.

Best wishes Allan and Jo Hitchcock


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