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Watsonian Clubman Sportsman 65
For the Royal Enfield connoisseur or someone that wants an Enfield that is just a little bit different…..
I have had 9 Enfields and searched for a while to buy this example, which I acquired last year. It is a genuine Watsonian special edition Clubman with all the original parts, namely a handmade 4.5 gallon alloy tank, rearsets, Goldstar ish silencer and swept back downpipe, Clubman seat and Ace Bars (in a box). Watsonian imported the Royal Enfields from 1999 through to 2013 and the transition to the Efi range and new importers, MotoGB. Watsonian produced a few special editions which are now increasingly rare and sought after.
This is the 65 model – with Clubman clothing – and is a 500cc iron barrel with electric start and the much improved 5 speed gearbox. It has Boyer electronic ignition for easy starting and smooth running, Hitchcock’s upgraded sprag clutch, optimate charging point, high ampage battery for good cranking power, touring bars for comfort and various other sensible improvements.
I have added a 930 Amal Mk1 Premier Carb– with larger pilot jet for easier tickover – an open bellmouth and gauze, and larger main jet for reliable fast running – essential with a virtually straight through exhaust system and removal of air filter. I added a Hitchcocks baffle as it is quite fruity, English-made Clutch, Brake and Throttle cables which are nylon lined an much stronger, a period B/W number plate (which I was planning to change) and expensive Hagon shocks!
It has been fully serviced with Silkolene engine oil, filter, ATF in the clutch and fresh gearbox oil, new Avon Roadriders last year which have plenty of tread. Mileage is 13000 Kms or just over 8000 miles. Everything works, there are a couple of dents, scratches, the odd petrol stain – in other words it is unmolested and would stay that way were I keeping it. Pulls like the proverbial Enfield, will shift to 65mph easily enough and more but the vibration is a bit much. With the Amal carb and free slowing exhaust it is quicker and more responsive – previous experience suggests that it is probably pulling around 22 bhp at the back wheel.
House relocation means it is going along with a 2020 V7iii Guzzi last of the V7s. It is priced sensibly and I would hope the right person will take the plunge for what is a good buy and a source of great enjoyment! MOTd until Mid September but can organise a new MOT. Ian 07973 671773
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