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By Johnboy
Hi Everyone,
I recently bought a bike that I have wanted for a while but the owner would only sell it with his other bike as he needed the space.
Therefore I have a Crusader 250 Super 5 that I will be putting up for sale as soon as I have cleaned the petrol tank and carb out and got it running. I am assured that is all it will need as all was fine when it was last running a year ago.
I thought I'd put an ad out there to see if anyone is interested. I haven't taken photos yet but can do if you are serious.
It has the original frame and engine numbers and a confirmation letter stating that it was dispatched to Kings of Brighton on 1/11/1962.
Bought by the previous owner in 2006 from his neighbour as a project and done up over the following few years and only ridden 10 miles since.
I would describe it as good to very good condition and hopefully when I've got it running I will be able to confirm that everything works.
Comes with workshop instruction manual and parts catalogue and is tax and mot exempt.
Logbook is all present and correct and in my name and address.
I want £2750 for it which is BSA Bantam money these days!
Thank you
John, 07914 968262.
Bike is in Birmingham

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