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By Spitting Bull
Thinking of selling my 2004 350 bullet and wonder if anyone could give me an idea of what it might be worth.
Very clean bike - black paintwork, polished cases. Very well maintained.
"Dateless" N. Irish number plate - three letters and 4 numbers.
25,000 miles.
Only stopped running once - years ago - that cheap connector behind the RH toolbox.
Oil changed every 700 miles.
Only failed MOT once - notchy steering head bearing - changed.
Starts first kick.
New battery.
recent tyre changes.
Currently on SORN.
No current MOT.
Selling as I'm getting too old to need three bikes now.
What would be a ballpark figure, please?
By RoSy
A photo might help, but I'd say about £2.2 if I was buying because I know your bike I would buy it. I am now down to one bike because age is getting the better of me.
By Daiwiskers
Put a current MOT on it and get double for it, without MOT its worth nothing to the average punter

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