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I have been thinking - dangerous, I know - and it is all very well having a rant about that Russian dictator's terrible behaviour lately, but that doesn't really help anyone in the Ukraine, which is what I would like to do.
With that in mind, I have decided to sell a restoration project, a Honda 175 which I bought not long ago, with all proceeds to go to help the people of Ukraine in some form or another, without recovering what it cost me in the first place - what it sells for is what will go to a charity to help. It may look a bit of a wreck, but they are quite collectable and it could raise a tidy sum, I hope. The bike doesn't run, but might do with a little work and I hope to see to that to increase the current value by some margin, but I have questions.
How best to sell it - I was thinking of some kind of auction perhaps? I want it to make as much as possible and none of it will be going in my pocket, and, where to send / donate the proceeds with proof to show that they have gone to a good cause?
Any suggestions welcome, I will try to get it running this coming week to hopefully increase it's value.
Ideas, anyone?
Lastly, it has no documents, but the registration, which might be quite valuable itself [JFK] is still on the DVLA database and there is an old tax disc on the bike, so a replacement log book shouldn't be a problem.
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