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By boris
Photo was taken west from Auldgirth at Speddoch Moor, I could do with a Bantam again, maybe a swap ? :D
By KC1961
boris wrote:
Wed Jan 19, 2022 11:42 am
I could do with a Bantam again, maybe a swap ? :D
I'm keeping them, I've decided that Bantams will be ideal for the future when I'm even older and weaker than I am just now.
By boris
Keeping a Bantam or two sounds like a good plan, that`s why I have my little Negrini, hoping to use it on the Moidart run this year and maybe if I am brave enough the Bob McGregor
By KC1961
Do you take part in these regularly? I've taken a run up to Killin a few times in the past to see the bikes "piped off" on their way. Hopefully all events like this happen this year.
By boris
I took part in the Moidart Peninsula run in 2019 (3ta) and have done a few `Tiddler` runs on yam v90 and the Negrini. Before I moved up to DandG I joined a lot of VMCC Northumbria and Durham section runs and also my club the TYMC, for the Dales and the Eskdale runs. Rarely on the same bike, I tend to chop and change quite often. Beamish reliability run and Trophy Trial also on a couple of occasions. Hoping to find a few ride outs up here a bit more local, possibly some RE runs arranged by the local dealer.
By boris
I have found another bike but need to sell this condor beauty ! cheap (and cheerful) :D £1250 ovno,
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By stinkwheel
I'd have it in a heartbeat if I had somewhere to put it and if wasn't for the degree of marital disharmony yet another motorbike appearing would cause.
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By Wheaters
Oh dear… this is similar to the story of my 350 Bullet. I only bought it as a cheap winter/wet weather runabout to save me riding my shiny bike…….

The evidence (such as time and money spent) now suggests otherwise. :shock:
By boris
Condor still available, now has to stand under a cover outside, shame, so a four figure offer will get it... it is still getting used so it won`t seize up !
By boris
Still for sale but at least its in a garage now....still using it once a week...another photo to remind you what it looks like ![
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