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By Trev
I bought this 2017 chrome efi, less than 2k miles a few months ago to replace my 2008 chrome/black that I have had for six years and the plan was to keep it 'forever' but I've too many bikes and may be persuaded to sell it if of interest to you.

It has been dealer serviced (by the dealer I got it from, I'm second owner) and it hav added a K&N air filter, Hitchcocks silencer and front pipe, bar end mirrors, air delete kit and NGK Iridium plug. Runs and pulls well, I don't think it has seen rain and only gets occasional use as our 'pillion potterer'. If I'm honest with myself, it's surplus to requirements as I have a Himmy and a Hunter Cub for Winter pottering, an Africa Twin for longer runs and various Guzzis and other bits for Summer riding.

Let me know if your interested and I can lt you have more pics and details if it makes sense for the both of us.
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By guru
HI Trev, yea am very interested m8, but like you am looking off load a 21 plate euro 5 granite black Himy first, Thought i would have sold it by now but still here. If I managed sell it, by say this week what you looking for it? what part of the country are you, am north west (Cheshire) tho thats no problem for me ive a car so can ride it back. cheers guru
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By Trev
Sorry Guru, I've been reminded in no uncertain terms by Mrs Smith why I bought the Ennie and why I shouldn't sell it so I'm afraid its not for sale. It's pretty much her favourite bike and I did by it with the view of keeping it to be my last bike, hopefully far in the future, so she is right.

Good luck with finding another, they are out there but I know when I looked the chrome and black were few and far between, now they're no longer made people seem to be keeping hold of them
By guru
TREV: will do m8, just waiting for the weather to pick up, don't mind getting a bike full of crap but takes ages to clean it up to pre ride out condition.

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