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By Chris L
The little brother to the 700cc and 750cc twins
Nice and easy to start great to ride and enough power to to to be comfortable in modern traffic.
2 previous owners
Delivered new to Reverent Fr Raymond Roch at the White Feathers Mission, Ciphaso Mission, Kasungll, NYASALAND ( original reg LL 648 )
2nd owner on 25th January 1971 Mr H Mc Avlay Liloagwe Nyasaland
I purchased the bike in boxes from Hitchocks in January 2018
It has been totally rebuilt between 2018 and August 2020 and took the DVLA from September to January to issue a new number 284 XVN
For more information please call 07889 727217 or email
Royal Enfield 1961 Meteor Miner_20210815_0001.jpg
Royal Enfield 1961 Meteor Miner_20210815_0001.jpg (319.98 KiB) Viewed 5444 times
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284xvn 1.jpg
284xvn 1.jpg (72.35 KiB) Viewed 5444 times

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