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By Tangle
Hi all,

I've had the above bike for 50 years. It's followed me round various house moves in bits for storage. It's complete and I think it's now time to find a new home for it as I feel if I didn't restore it during lockdown, I never will.

I have the original green cardboard log book which says that it was the model with the full fairing but when I purchased it as a teenager it had been converted to the a bike. I have the head for the fairing and a number of other spare parts plus manual and original Gander and Grey receipts. I think that because the bike originally had a fairing, the front mudguard may be from a Triumph.

I'd like the bike to go to a good home to be restored and used so I'm looking for advice on how to find that kind of person. I'll consider donating it to a club if any would be interested.

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By Davedup
You'll likely to have enthusiasts on here, or could try the REOC pages on facebook etc.
Whereabouts are you based? It might be that a club member is local to you and can have a look.
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By Davedup
Happy to post on the REOC page and signpost people here. Do you have an idea of what you would like for it?
Sounds a nice project.
By Tangle
I have no idea what it's worth and to be honest, I mostly want it to go to a good home, someone who's going to use it.

What sort of value would it have do you think?
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By Davedup
That's a really hard question to genuinely answer, I'll post on the REOC page and direct to here.
Some photos might well help.
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By Davedup
I've posted on the REOC facebook page, lots of knowledgeable people. That way you should get a proper price.
I might be interested but lets see what people say about the value
By Tangle
It proved hard to find photos. Here's a couple from before it was dismantled for storage.
IMG_2038.jpeg (128.37 KiB) Viewed 290 times
IMG_2039.jpeg (116.2 KiB) Viewed 290 times

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