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I’m selling my 250cc Pre-Unit Clipper...

... It’s a bit of a mongrel, being a ‘54 250cc Pre-Unit Clipper Engine in a ‘55 Clipper frame, and is in trail/trials trim with plastic mudguards, a bespoke sprung seat and Bullet wheels. It is road legal, with an age-related plate.

I’ve stripped and rebuilt the engine with new rings (+0.020”), valves and valve guides. It has a modern Mikuni-copy carb which I’ve rebuilt with new parts, and has a new Bullet alternator. The gearbox has also been reconditioned, with new bearings and seals (and it works well, with no false neutrals!)

The frame has been rubbed down and painted with silver Hammerite, the forks have been reconditioned with new seals. New steering head bearings have been fitted. The rear shocks are new-ish and longer than standard. The tank is from a different RE model (a 2-stroke actually; so there’s no rust inside)! The rear wheel has a new stainless rim and new spokes with a new chunky tyre. The front wheel has had new spokes and a reasonable chrome rim & chunky tyre. All wheel bearings have been renewed.

The bike has been re-wired and has a simple DC circuit with a modern solid-state regulator/rectifier and has been converted to 12v.

The speedo is the correct chronometric D-shaped instrument which I bought from a specialist. It’s NOS and has around 120 miles showing since the rebuild.

Don’t expect lightning performance; it’s only a 250 iron-head, but it goes well and sounds great!

The whole rebuild is documented in RealClassic articles, a copy of which will be included with the sale.

I’m looking for £2500 and I can arrange delivery. I’m located in Cheshire.

PM me if interested!

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