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By PeteF
I'm thinking of parting with my 350. I have Himalayan ambitions next year (possibly)
Anyone interested at £1750? It is very tidy and at about 20,000 mls.
I'm in East Yorks.
By PeteF
No, sold it at the end of 2018.
Sadly I sold it to someone who didn't know what he was buying and and I noticed it on Ebay again recently.
Lets hope it's now in the hands of someone who appreciates it.
By Jim-w
I am the new owner of this bike and I can assure you it is very much appreciated! I did have a bid on it when you sold it on eBay Pete, but just missed out on it. When it came up for sale again i had to have it. It now lives in the Scottish Borders and I have done around 600 miles on it and I love it. The bike is a real credit to you and is in fantastic condition. I thought you would like to know it's gone to a good home.
By PeteF
Jim, Thanks for letting me know. I did wonder what hed become of the bike. If you want more info on the bike and what I did to it over the years please feel free to email me. pf274 (at)

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