By RocketRR
The touring seats look quite hard wearing, much better than standard for sure and much firmer on longer journeys.
Really should be standard me thinks...

The air injection removal is without doubt good for the engine as the fuel air mixture is much more controlled and not leaned off by circulated hot waste gasses giving a much better low end response.
By Andy C
Glad that you agree about the air delete mod - thought it was just psychological at first, but having now ridden it a few more times it is definately an improvement.

I have one of the Lextec pipes fitted - did deal on it when I bought the bike. Thought I would try it without the DB killer that the pipe is fitted with, makes a lovely mellow sound with it removed but stuffs the performance quite dramatically.

Needless to say it is now re fitted !!
By PeteF
Sorry Rocket the air injection valve doesn't recirculate hot exhaust gases.
That is a system used on some vehicles - ERG???
The one on the Classic allows fresh air from the air box into the manifold to burn off any unburnt fuel.
Not saying it doesn't want removing though.
Well I'm really enjoying this thing. 4- 500 mile day rides take a while but are stress free, and so smooth/vibe free. 55-60mph seems to be where everything comes together. If I'm still as happy with it after winter has been and gone, I might go ahead and put alloy rims on it. :D

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