By papasmurf
I took the Electra X (ish) for its MOT today. When I arrived at the mechanics it decided to dump oil all over his nice pristine workshop floor. (It still passed the MOT though.)

I am hoping it is just a pipe has come off of the "catch can." Otherwise I an getting close to dumping the bike in a skip.
I am getting close to dumping the bike in a skip anyway. It is just too much hassle.

I was going to fit our hosts softer springs in the front forks, (a ten minute job on other bikes I have fitted them.)
However it looks from the manual as if I need £60 of special tools and at least 1/2 a day.
(I can't even just take the forks off and let a mechanic do the work.
By Andy C
Don't dump it in a skip - I'll take it off your hands for nothing :mrgreen:

Seriously - don't give up, if it is getting to you park it up for a week or two and come back to it with a clearer mind.
I have ordered some proper wire clips, (assorted box,) to replace the ones on the multitude of pipes running too and from the oil catcher.
I have also phoned our hosts and determined I can remove the fork tubes from the bike so I can take them to the mechanic I use.
(I have also determined I don't need a special tool to screw the fork tubes out as I already have a hexagon key that fits a 3/8th socket kit the correct size, (it is the same size as the one I used to remove the front wheel out of my wife's VS 800 Suzuki.) and a very long extension bar that will clear the handle bars/mirrors.
That will be a winter-time jobs when the mechanic has time on his hands.
In the interests of pre-empting a Basil Fawlty style episode. Make sure the hex key is securely retained in the socket somehow before you start trying to unscrew the fork. Maybe silicone it in there the night before. I'd be tempted to put a thickish o-ring round it too.

Then it won't fall out of the socket, down the hole and land up sitting in the middle of the fork stanchion on top of the damper-rod. Don't ask me how I know...
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By Wheaters
Having fitted a new pair of fork gaiters a few days ago, I think putting a jubilee clip around the hex bar will stop it dropping down inside the fork leg. I'll do that next time.

Thankfully, I got mine out fairly easily ..... After I removed the fork leg again and turned it upside down it fell out :lol:
Just had a rummage in the garage and found a box of industrial sized hexagon keys I had forgotten about.
I needed a 17 mm hexagon key for something now forgotten in the mists of time and I had to buy a complete set.

Found one to fit that is well over a foot in length.

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