By hondapaul
stinkwheel wrote:
Sat Sep 21, 2019 11:07 am
You've all seen those adjustable clip/bolt-on screen deflectors right?

They are designed to combat this exact problem. Puig make one, among other companies

I might have noticed these them...

GPS mount is a Zana job and (removed the original screen as did not like the effects of it being near vertical - lots of buffiting) and I asked them to put a plate across not their usual bar for an idea I am working on.

Been rideing round for a couple of hundred miles now with this set up and it was only with 3/4 wind blowing ove rthe Orwel bridge did I notice buffiting... the little screen does a great job but I have not trested it in rain yet... think I might get wet :-)
By Andy C
The cut down screen has stopped the buffeting on my helmet, dosent really notice much now that it is probably directing the air into my chest.

Looking at the connector into the rear of the speedo I certainly would not be riding it without a screen of some sort as it keeps the wet out of that connector which does not look to sealed against the elements particularly well.
By Andy C
Update on the cut down screen.

I was out on the bike over the weekend in some pretty wet conditions, I noticed a lot of spray from cars in front collecting on the screen, which meant that it was not going all over me.

The screen also keeps the wet off of the connector at the rear of the instrument cluster which as I said does not look like it has much protection against the elements.

Couldn't really feel any buffeting from the wind, so it's a good job done as far as I can tell.

Clearly not going to give the same level of protection as a higher screen but suits me.
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By windmill john
Screens are very personal. I have had a number of bikes and the worse was my 650 Transalp.

Anyway, bought my 700 Transalp and it just as bad. However, in this case, it had a taller Givi screen.
A guy on the forum recomended this: ... 0cd0400c12

Now might not work for everyone, but it is superb. Feels like I am riding a naked bike below 50 mph.

As I said it's personal. It depends on screen, helmet, jacket , neck snood... everything, but this works very well for me.

May look naff, but I'd like to keep my hearing thank you.

By Andy C

As you say it's a matter of personal taste, my prefered method for not damaging my hearing any further is to use earplugs - never ride without them now.
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By windmill john
That earlier Transalp roared like a hurricane in the wind. Earplugs and all kinds of things didn’t help. I used to have to hold my head slightly one way or the other to bring the roar down; great bike but annoying.

Oh, by the way, just switched to these: ... lugs/69698

Absolutely superb. My £20 Pinlocks are pretty good, but these Stanley’s..... brilliant.

Yes you can have customs, but these are £10.
By Andy C
John - thanks for the earplug info - might invest in those Stanley, or even pinlocks.

I currently use disposables ones, use them for about a Month then throw away.


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