By Andy C
Anyone had any problems insuring a Himalayan ?

Spoke with my insurers today and according to them there is no such bike as a Royal Enfield Himalayan therefore they refused to insure it - mind you the person I was speaking to sounded like a complete idiot as after I had quoted the Reg No to him he said "and what year is the bike sir?"
By Graham43
Same with mine Be Wiser, insured as a Bullett. Mind you way back Carol Nash said the equivalent on their system for RE WD/CO sidecar outfit was some sort of Kawasaki
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By Les
Its listed on the insurance data base as Royal Enfield Indian Himalayan so when they type it in on the computer it won't find it without the correct wording unless the person dealing with your inquiry has encountered it before and remembers the correct name it is listed under
By Andy C
Thanks for all the comments - guess what.

I entered the details myself into one of the comparison sites, and what comes out as the cheapest option - yes you have guessed it, my current insurer.........

As I have a quote Ref I will get back in touch with them tomorrow, think I was dealing with someone with very little experience - that's me being kind :D :D

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