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By Wheaters
I ordered a new electric horn for my 350 yesterday. Postman turned up with it here in North Notts, less than 24 hours later. It was on my bike by lunchtime, ready for the MOT next week!

Although the post office here give us a very good service, this must be some kind of record.

Top class, a couple of weeks ago Royal Male delayed so Hitchcock's sent replacement.
After that placed two more orders and delivered in two working day's to Ireland.
Well done folks.
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By Exile
I have always wondered about this. It isn't our hosts that deliver. They may process the order on the same day that they receive it, which is admirable, but after it leaves the shop it is completely out of their hands.

You should be praising the company that collected it from H's and then delivered it to you. Credit where it's due....
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By Wheaters
Credit where it's due... :?: :?

I did mention as a general point that the post office gave us very good service here and they were included in my thanks.

But other suppliers are nowhere near as quick at processing orders - that was my point.
By Jason Campbell
I got less than 24 hours this week as well. I sort of balked at the £10 odd delivery but you can’t complain about the speed, in future I will just try and make large occasional orders so the delivery charge isn’t such a percentage- I was foolish, I ordered two deliveries over two weeks and so paid delivery twice when a bit of thought I could have saved and still got the fast delivery. And the box didn’t look like it had been kicked down the street either. I think also that Parcel Force are supposed to be one of the better employers, unlike some who pay their drivers 50p a delivery.

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