By papasmurf
An owners opinion of the 650 and I would not ride on an Indian motorway for a bet:-
By Wayne
WHY OH WHY do you keep giving this exposure on social media? have you watched it all of the way through? footrest position? further back than a Bullet - have we not been asking for that for years? and have you seen the handlebars he has changed to? clocks leak when you power wash them - really ? wow - what a surprise! Why not a gearshift indicator? - can you not count to 6 then? fuel gauge ?- same as all bikes - by their design are usually inaccurate. I live in the UK - and have ridden my Interceptor for nearly 2 months in some of the worst weather England has - Fuel gauge is fine easy to judge by the second fill up, my gauges don't leak but then again - I don't power wash them, don't need a gear indicator because I can ride a bike, and the riding position is perfect for me because I am normal height and weight and don't ride a 650 cc twin cylinder in flip flops - and by the way - I like my footrests beneath me - its where they are supposed to be!
By sofiaspin
I am interested in real world riding of these twins by people living in the UK and riding them here. Not some negative video in another part of the world that has little relation to our climate, our roads and the way we ride. I have a 500 classic, and CGT 535 and thinking about one of these bikes as a future purchase. The main issue is how far values of the 500cc efi will fall for second hand bikes - I dont hold out much hope and mine is festooned with a whole lot of kit from our hosts and beyond!
By Enfield_Vega
Hi,new on here having recently purchased an Interceptor from Ecosse in Dundee. Unfortunately mainly due to the weather I've only got 150 or so miles on it so far but am loving the easy going nature of it. Interesting to read comments about riders experiences of the bike not being particularly valid against UK riding, road conditions, fuel etc. Seems RE have not taken this into account though with their comically crazy service schedule, a service every 6 months!
By Wayne
I think you will find its date or mileage whichever comes first if you read the owners manual correctly but it does seem a little too often if you are paying a dealer ...
By Enfield_Vega
Exactly, mileage or date. I put my bike on the road on the 1st of March so 6 months takes me until the 1st of Sept. I'll probably ride it until say mid October and put it away for the winter but it'll be due a 6 month service again on 1st March to keep the warranty. I'd have no issue with annual servicing but 6 months!!
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By Wheaters
A daily use 650 could clock up quite large distances in 6 months. My 2004 350 Bullet Electra is supposed to have a service every 3,000 kms. That's equivalent to just 1850 miles and although it's only ever used for leisure(ly) riding and I also ride another bike and have a fun car, I could clock that up in 6 months. Anyway, surely it's better to over-service a brand new model than to under service it. No doubt RE will want to keep a close eye on their new project and monitor any trends.

Having said that, I service my own bikes anyway which costs peanuts. In fact I've never taken a motorbike to a dealer for a service in over forty years of ownership, of quite a few. I let someone else take the main hits on depreciation from new; all mine have been well out of manufacturer's warranty. I won't be buying a 650 for some time, at least until the fashion followers have ironed out the bike's teething problems ;-)
By Enfield_Vega
1st service today at the sister dealership to the supplying one but 70 miles closer. Honda and Yamaha dealer with experienced techs but they'd not done a 650 before.
"What, it's got tappets!" was the reaction to the valve clearance check. Apparently the tank had to come off along with the ABS unit and various disconnections. 4 hours, but by the sound of it an experienced tech would still be looking at 3 hours. My advice to any potential buyer is to negotiate the 1st service as part of the deal.
Feels peppier now though and I'm now using up to 6k revs, more than the manual says but it still feels safe enough with quality oil and fuel.

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