By Wayne
Papasmurf - I adjusted it after 100 miles and it has not got any slack since - assume it was either initial bedding in or was a bit slack to start with.
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By Trev
Norm, I agree, my local dealer said that 500 sales (already not exactly brisk) had almost dried up last year when the 650 was announced. If the 650 remains at this price going forward then perhaps it will prompt an even better price for the 500 or maybe, like the CGT, they won't be long before they are fazed out in favour of something with the Himalayan motor fitted. I hope not as they're unique in the biking world these days
By Jamesy
Wayne are you based in the UK and is this a demonstrator bike? Only asking as I am led to believe sale bikes will be available March/April in the UK.
By Wayne
Hi Jamesy,

No - this is my own bike which I ordered from Cooperb M/Cs many months ago and was of the first in the UK on the road, look up your nearest dealer as they all have demo bikes to ride. The first batch of bikes are certainly available for the folks who paid early deposits and I was lucky that the Burnt Orange Interceptors came in first.
By Norm
I dropped a mate off to the dealer yesterday afternoon, his is ready for him to pick up on Tuesday and today he is riding the demo one to Philip Island for a demo/ride day. He hopes to bring his new one to the club meeting Tuesday night
By Creaky45
Wayne, You talk about 65 mpg. I don't like to boast but I have just filled my tank for the second time on my 650 Interceptor and each time I calculated less than 4 litres per 100 km. That's how we talk in Australia. The last time was 3.3 litres per 100 kilometeres which equates to, wait for it, around 84 MPG. Wow!! that's even better than my Classic 500 and my previous Triumph and Kawasaki. What a great bike eh!. My only complaint is the seat is a bit narrow and short and my wife keeps falling off the back as the sissy bar is too low.
By chonpuun
Creaky, of course you are getting more mpg or should i say kpl as australia is a bigger place, also it was your birthday yesterday.
By Wayne
A lot of dealers don't seem to be giving customers this information to get the three years breakdown cover:

Wayne, As a 2019 Royal Enfield 650 owner, included in your purchase is three years road side assistance, this provided by Royal Enfield. We will have registered your new bike for its three year warranty on line through the RE dealer portal. This system has now been utilised to start the RSA cover too.
The cover is managed by Allianz and if you need to use it you will need to call the helpline and quote your registration number & your name.
Please make a note of Call Centre phone contact for RSA,
United Kingdom: 0208 603 9451
By Norm
Just a heads up seems to be a problem with front brake calliper rust, just something to be aware of

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