By Wayne
Hi All, For those who are interested in the new twins, I have had my Interceptor for some 3 weeks now and have covered 300 miles and my early impressions are very positive, the build quality is on another level, no more horrible silver paint over chrome and finish is excellent. The bike rides wonderfully, has averaged 65 MPG while I have been running in and the motor has bedded in nicely now and feels quite a bit stronger than when it was new. Engine is very strong and torque high as well, gearbox is a dream and you can have huge fun buzzing through the 6 speed box around the lanes, brakes, lights riding position all really good - in fact I have not touched anything to make it more comfortable and have only adjusted the chain once. I think that the fact it was designed and developed at the Bruntinghthorpe site shows that a lot of thought and testing has gone on with these new twins and I think they are going to be a huge success.
By Mark M
Thanks Wayne I'm pleased the wait was worth it! By the way, who was the supplying Dealer and are happy with their service? Might help an undecided potential purchaser!

REgards, Mark
By Wayne
Hi Mark - Yes - sorry the dealer was Cooperb in Wellingborough who have been fantastic, great guys and they have demos ready to ride !
By hagis
I have been running my CGT 535 for three summers on Scottish roads and I have not seen another CGT on the road, My new Interceptor is ready for the road on the 01/03/19,and my dealer has quite a few out on the road and more for 01/03/19 so looks like I will be running with the pack, Nice to see a good report on the new Interceptors.
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By Trev
Thanks Wayne, glad to hear you're enjoying the Interceptor. I'm tempted to go for one to replace my Guzzi V7 (will deffo keep teh 500 efi) but so far resisted a test ride.
By Jamesy
Reports this morning that the waiting list for
orders on the new twins are at 6 months.Enfield say this has nothing to do with the second strike at the plant.
By Wayne
As far as I know - orders for bikes in the UK will be delivered in March / April depending on model, all the dealers have demos and almost everyone who takes a test ride places an order - and at the price for such a good quality bike - who can blame them? its by far the cheapest 650 on the market. I think they have pitched the price so low to break into the market and the price cannot stay this low for long surely?
By Norm
Had a look at one today, I must say it looks an impressive machine. For the difference in price I think the dealers will end up with a lot of now hard to move 500's
By papasmurf
Wayne I am puzzled as to why you needed to adjust the chain in that low mileage.
By Mark M
Norm, this seems to be happening already in the USA, some dealers are offering extras worth $500 on new Bullets.

REgards, Mark

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