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By Nick Blackburn
Hello and thank you for adding me to this forum.

I have a 2009 Classic 500 with just under 20k on the clock. Other than it's habit of trying to destroy itself on a daily basis, shedding unwanted parts etc, it hasn't let me down till recently.

However, it has developed a nasty shaking rattle noise from the area of the clutch and I keep getting false neutrals at the worst possible times, and the gearbox is very...lucky dip.

Before I dive into the LH engine case, what should I look for please? Is this a case of 20k miles on a clutch and needs adjusting or replacing bits?

Also, back brake clonks and binds a bit, probably needs a good clean.

I love the bike (called poppadom) and enjoy riding it and the attention it gets.

Thank you all :)
Port St Mary, Isle of Man
By Stephan
Hello and welcome here.
I’m new too and saddly can’t help you, I know nothing about the 500.
Isle of Man is on my “to do” list, perhaps we can met one day.

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