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By Reds1
Well today I took the Bullet out for a 100 mile ride out in the searing heat and wow what a way to keep cool . I rode in very light clothing and it was gorgeous left at 11am and just got home at 2200hrs. I rode and stopped for a coffee , then a picnic in the forest then a ice cream , then a coffee , then a cuppa tea then some dinner. A lovely day on the Bullet 100 gentle miles and did not miss a beat. I did think am I silly taking it out in the heat but the weather in India is probably a lot hotter in a more regular basis .

Anyway I have had over 20 bikes in my time , harleys , motto guzzi,s Honda pan euro,s bsa , and about 12 enfield s a 1946 model G a 1960 350 bullet and the rest all bullets between 1999 and 2016.

This 2016 UCE 500 bullet is by far the best bike I have ever had , I am really enjoying ownership of Harry the forest green bullet. I’m did consider px ,ing for a new 350 classic but why bother this bullet ticks all my boxes.
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By stinkwheel
Enfields normally run far too cold anyway so i wouldn't worry about it.

I tend to think air-cooled bikes are better in extreme heat anyway. A 10 degree increase in air temperature is going to affect an air cooled engine that normally runs at up to 200 degrees less than a liquid cooled one that had a major tantrum if it goes much over 100.
By Andy C
Sounds like you had a great time.

Reminds me of the long summer runs I had on my old 612, never used to miss a beat and riding that on a lovely sunny day takes some beating.

Did Dartmoor & Exmoor on it several times, but time moves on and I no longer have the bike, but I still enjoy long runs on sunny days on just about any bike.

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