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By Trev
I have just yesterday returned from a John O Groats to Lands End loop (2261 miles all in) on the Himalayan that included a whole day, 361 miles, of virtually all M way and dual carriageway on the first day up and a fair smattering during the other seven days and I will say that the Himmy coped well. On the Mways and duals I sat it at an indicated 60-65 with the occasional stint up to 70+ to overtake slower moving traffic a bit more quickly. It returned 65mpg on the Mway day, an overall of 83.5 mpg for the trip (I was with one of the new Classic 350's and a scooter) and a high of 93 mpg on one tankful that was mainly 45-50 top gear lolloping on virtually empty roads.

I made the trip on knobbly tyres as the Himmy is used for green laning and it ate through half the tread on my new rear Maxxis but was pretty stable and even allowed some fun in the twisty bits. I was surprised how well the Himmy coped and can see why people have no hesitation taking them on longer trips. I had a 20L tailpack on the pillion seat for clothes, etc and my travel gubbins in a couple Hitchcocks small front panniers bags, about 5L each as I wasn't camping, plenty of room for 8 days kit and stuff.

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