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By Reds1
Today for the first time I took my 2016 500 bullet on the motorway . I have been a bit weary but about motorway riding but I headed onto the A1m for about 25 miles , the bullet sat comfortably at about 60 mph . Thankfully not much traffic on a Sunday morning but was quite pleasantly surprised with its performance.👍
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By stinkwheel
Aye, they're no bother on motorways, just boring.

I've done some epic motorway stints on slow bikes. I think my best was Ijmunden to Leipzig in a day on my 350 iron barrel bullet.

People think a slower bike on a motorway is dangerous but nothing could be further from the truth, motorways are built for traffic doing different speeds so if someone wants to go faster than you, it's easy for them to pass. may HGVs running heavy are going slower than even a honda C90. I've always found HGVs to be courteous and leave plenty of room if they want to pass. It also always amazes me how many cars I pass.

The only bit where it can get a bit hairy is if the motorway splits with lanes 1&2 going one way and 3&4 going another and you need to be in lane 3. Then you need your head on a swivel for late mergers honking up lane 2 and noticing they need 3 at the last minute, or honking up 4 and realising they need 2. But that's pretty sketchy no matter what bike you're on.
By Beezabryan
Wot Stinky sez!
Many times we ahve trundled along M1, M25. Dartford Crossing, A2, M2 for the Dover ferries.
Done it with both our 1992 Bullet 500 and our 1952 BSA Flash & a Box.
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By Wheaters
It’s a 2004 350 Bullet Electra, Indian home market version. Iron engine, with the factory TCI ignition (I.E. it doesn’t have a distributor). I gas flowed it myself and I also fitted a five speed gearbox, which suits it much better than the standard four speed. It also has a 26mm Wassell concentric carb instead of the original Mikcarb VM24.

It still has the standard cams and valves. Since the video I’ve fitted a high compression piston(from a Meteor Minor) and it goes even better but now I really need to fit Mr H’s performance valves because it will rev into valve bounce territory if allowed.

It’s done approx 22,000 miles, all but the first 3,000 in my ownership over the last four years.
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By Reds1
Beautiful you have done 19000 miles in 4 years that’s some mileage . How many miles would this engine do also my 2016 500 cc engine if serviced and looked after ?

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