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By rattonshaw
I've just ridden the NRR 2022 on my 2016 Electra EFI . The bike did amazingly well, though, obviously much different from the usual 1,000 cc and 1,200 cc bikes I've used in past years. I mapped a route that took in minor A roads, B roads, unclassified roads and avoided large town centres. To keep to time, acceleration was brisk to get up to the speed limits quickly, though, I limited top speed to about 63 mph (on the sat nav) to avoid the dreaded 'white finger'.

Nothing fell off! Even the parts I'd fabricated for the new foot rests, brake pedal and gear lever. The silencer from a HD 1200XL, which appears to be a straight swop according to posts I've read, was a bit raucous under hard acceleration so that noise got a bit tiresome even with ear plugs.

The Hitchcocks single seat was very comfortable. I had fabricated a rubber mount for the sat nav to prevent any potential failure and the rubber-mounted mirrors were perfect.

The suspension worked surprisingly well, though, on the more pot-holed unclassified roads I reduced speed to stop the bike being flung all over the place. Probably been spoilt by 10 inch travel suspension on my other bikes. The knobbly tyres (a Michelin and Bridgestone combination) gripped exceptionally well in the dry and the wet. I ran them at 22 psi front and 30 psi rear after much research on this forum.

A very enjoyable event after over 350 miles. I might take the Electra on next year's event.
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