Not that I'm even considering doing it while the DVLA are on strike but has anyone actually declared a change in capacity for their bullet to the DVLA?

It's just that I'm concerned that in the unlikely event they find out it's not a 500cc bike any more, they could get humpty about it being a different taxation class.

What I'm concerned about is not having to pay more tax, it's if they create difficulties around actually making the change. I've had mates have no-end of trouble convincing the DVLA they had changed capacity when they did car engine swaps. Or have them demand evidence that doesn't exist or want to do an inspection.

I was wondering how owners of a 535 or 612 conversion got on, if they bothered at all?
Unless you've made it over 600cc, it will remain in the same taxation class.

https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax-rate-tab ... -tax-rates

DVLA!! I sent off documentation and a covering letter for my trials car when I took out the original four cylinder, 850 cc engine and replaced it with a totally different one, a three cylinder 993 cc.

I had asked in the covering letter for the receipt for the engine to be returned but they just sent a new V5C, nothing else.
I then saw that they had changed the engine number, but not the engine size!

I got back in touch, explaining their mistake. They then demanded to see the receipt for the engine and other documentation which they'd already had and lost!! :evil:

Thankfully, I eventually managed to speak to a supervisor who saw that it was their fault and replaced the V5C again.
As Wheaters knows, I've done a car 850cc to 993cc engine swap too ;)
When I informed DVLA they wanted engineer's reports and stuff!
I replied telling them that my duty was to report the change, not provide proof and evidence.
They sent me the log book back with the new engine number :? so I sent the new V5 back with the new 993cc circled in big black marker :lol:
New log book came back properly updated :D
When I swapped a 750cc bike engine for 1000cc, I didn't have any issues bit that was 20 years ago :roll:

Do the change, update the V5, scan/photograph it and send it off - if (when) DVLA mess up, just rinse and repeat.
Unfortunately they changed the rules not too long back, making it much more difficult to document an engine change. One of the things they now might ask for is the V5C of the vehicle from where the engine came from, to prove its heritage, as well as an engineer’s report.

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