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By MickB
Went out for a test drive on the new Meteor and I have to say, I was very impressed. I'm now torn between keeping my ten year old efi or buying the Meteor.
Has anyone gone from the Bullet to the Meteor and if so, how do you find the change, pros and cons?
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By Adrian
I suppose the newer bike will be able to meet ever-tightening clean air zone requirements for longer than the Euro3 bike, but you lose 150cc. Our hosts might offer big-bore conversion kits for them in the years to come.

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By Trev
I have a 2008 efi (the mk1 as my local Enfield dealer called it when I described it to him) and a Himmy and I tried the Meteor out a couple of weeks ago for about an hour. I like a lot about it, smooth, looks very well made, nice proportions for a 350, even for me at 6ft it wasn't cramped, brakes worked well, some nice touches (starter switch, nav thingy, rear light) and bargain price. But, and it's a biggie, even for an Enfield rider not expecting a rocket ship, it was just too slow for me. The example I tried only had 280 miles on the clock so would loosen up a bit but a realistic indicated 65mph top speed and not much happening over 55mph just made it feel too pedestrian, even for the back lane bimbler I would want it for, add a pillion and I would be going backwards.
I would say it feels about as down on power on the Himmy as the Himmy does on the efi. It pulled well from low revs and didn't feel underpowered until you tired to get 'that bit more out of it, almost like a restricted 125 but with more oomph on the mid range.
I did like the heel and tow gearchange once I got used to it and it was genuinely nice on the backlanes but when I got back to the dealer I spotted a 2017 one owner low miles chrome classic they had in and bought that instead! :D

If Enfield do a 500 or Hitchcocks get another 6 - 8 hp out of the 350 (not impossible with a cam, air filter and less restrictive exhaust) then I do see a Meteor in my future but not as it comes.
By MickB
I thought of keeping both but was over-ruled by the boss! As you say, it's a hard decision to make but I think I'm being swayed towards the Meteor; comfort, no vibration and so easy to ride. I will probably go down the private sale route, it's more hassle but money wise it's going to be worth an extra 800 - 1000 euros.
By Jamesy
I get what people mean when they say its not all about speed but for goodness sake a 190kg bike with 20hp.Honda and kawasaki have more powerful 300cc scooters than that.
By singleminded
A chap in our local bike club told me he was trading-in his 500 UCE Bullet (a really nice one) as deposit on a Meteor. I asked him if he had test-ridden one...his reply was 'no but I've sat on one and it's comfortable....'
I hope that it doesn't end in tears.
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By Chris [Stockport]
One of our local members has just bought one and seems extremely impressed with it... the ride and the build quality. He knew before buying, of course, that it would spend its time on country lanes mostly.
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By Trev
I don't think anyone who can accept the modest performance will be disappointed with their choice, RE have put a really nice bike together for a cracking price and I can see it being a big hit for them. I foresee one in my garage at some time in the future
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By Adrian
Presumably our hosts will be producing some performance parts in due course for those who think it COULD do with a bit more power.

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By Rushour
I have changed from the Himalayan to the Meteor - very difficult to tell the performance drop in the capacity - I wish everyone would stop assuming its going to be the same performance as the old pushrod model and go out and ride one - they are a super little bike and the attention to detail and build quality is another step up from the twins.
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