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By didou
Je pourrais avoir le lien pour accéder au forum RE Américain?
Merci d'avance

Good evening
Could I have the link to access the American RE forum?
thanks in advance ;)
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By LanesExplorer
Sorry, Didou, I believe Lady Luck, being feminine it should be bonne chance 🤔
I'll stick with English in future 😊 LE
By new haven neil
Quiet on here!

900 miles now, e bay silencer (not daft loud, just nice) and adjustable levers on the way from our hosts, and that should see my little bike just how I want it. Really enjoying it, chugging about the island. :D
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By LanesExplorer
Ah, Hello again Neil, I wondered what happened to you!! Obviously 'blatting' around the island from the sounds of it! (sorry - should have resisted that one) 🙄
Just over 800 miles on my Stellar too and now I've dropped tyre pressures by 5 psi it's a much better ride with very little ' tracking' which was a real problem before. My riding takes me over poor road surfaces which many won't encounter - here's an example..
I've fitted a crankcase shield (my own design from polycarbonate) to keep the bottom half clean which certainly does the job. Other than fitting panniers and rose joints for the gear change it's as RE made. A lovely machine as you've found too. Enjoy your riding.
By new haven neil
The lanes in your video are very like a lot of the back roads here, certainly the ones we seek out to ride anyway - there's a lot more to Fraggle Rock than the TT course!

Did 100 miles today, rained 5 miles from home,pah! 1050 on the bike now and it is running well, I am still very pleased with it.

Trains are my other hobby BTW!
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By LanesExplorer
Yes and you've plenty of Victorian trains and trams over there still. Travelled extensively on them a couple of years ago when I visited. Proper boneshakers😂
My late wife was half Manx and her grandfather was station master at Kirkmichael when there was a railway running all over the island.
Enjoy exploring those lesser known roads.
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By Trev
Great pics guys, keep 'em coming, I do love the look of the Meter
By new haven neil
Sorry to hear of your loss, Lanesey.

One of my pals here was a firemen on the railway, and his father and grandfather before him - the Buttell family. A friend (and ex-employee of mine) lives in the crossing keeper's cottage at St Germains between Peel and Michael.

The foreman of the loco shed/workshop is a good pal too, and until I badly injured my foot I was a volunteer driver at Groudle Glen, I can't walk on the ballast now without a lot of pain.

I fitted the Hitchcocks adjustable levers today, really nice and made the levers far easier for me - I'm a bit arthritic in the front paws and have short stubby fingers so found the brake in particular a bit of a stretch, the dog-leg levers are a 100 percent improvement. Mrs H wouldn't ride it before as she couldn't reach the levers safely.
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