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By new haven neil
I get 103 MPG in general use (no motorways or dual carriageways here!) and I don;t hang around. I did once get 117 when running in!

Gratuitous photo.
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By PeteF
My mate has one and now it's loosened up, recons the performance is about the same as his iron 500 Bullet.
By new haven neil
I'd say that's fair, Pete. At 2000 miles mine is noticeably looser than it was, and with a less restrictive end silencer (still has cat and primary silencer (the one people call the cat....but it's not, that's in the downpipe) and DNA filter and inlet plate seems to go quite well and I'm quite happy with that. Unlike an iron Bullet you can rev it if you want (you don't need to) without losing your fillings..... :lol:
By Redpat1
Hi guys. I had always wanted a bullet but was always held back by sheer lack of any mechanical ability so was advised to stay clear.
So, when the meteor was launched to rave reviews my interest was reignited.
Although I have a harley in the garage for covering distance, curiosity led me to the dealership for a test ride.
I actually rode all the enfield 350 and 411 range but I just loved the meteor for its riding position and Incredible value for money. Its the perfect day to day and all year bike for me.
Never having owned a bullet I think I now know why they have such a following if their charm and rideability is anything like the meteor.
100 miles and two days into ownership, I can't stay off of it and find myself just wanting to ride purely for pleasure and relaxation, something I haven't experienced for a long time.
What a wonderful little bike.
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