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By Silverback
Royal Enfield owes this you tube man a service award!!!! His reviews and information on the bullet, interceptor and GT are excellent. His presentation is the best I have seen. I think he has done more for making people aware of the current Enfield brand than Enfield themselves. His reviews absolutely got me to search for and purchase a classic.
Great information!!!
By Jamesy
Agreed.His you tube chanel is excellent.For example the classic 500 I had I could hardly make out the Neutral light etc in daytime bright light.Uncle.Stu as he is sometimes called did a video on upgrading to led lights.Sorted for a few quid
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By Haggis
You would have received equally enlightening guidance and advice just by asking on this forum.👍👍
By Duke of Wybourne.
Silverback wrote:
Mon Jul 26, 2021 7:43 pm
Great then I have two excellent resources. :D
Bullet Whisperer as well on YouTube and singh5g for no nonsense easy to understand maintenance info on some bikes.

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