By Pensioner Dan
hi all, I have just joined having sold my BMWF800GT and just bought my 2017 B5. Early days, but I think I love it. I have ordered a load of performance parts from our hosts, long silencert, filter, booster, air delete, Ferodo pads, you get the picture. Anyway, need some advice from seasoned Bullet riders. Which is the best windscreen for touring purposes? its been many years since I had a naked bike and it was a bit of a cluture shock the other day to find myself in a 65mph wind so I am looking for a bit of protection for my tired old bones. Hope someone can help. Dan
PART No. 200315
(At least, I think that's the right number!)

This is what I've recently put on mine.
It gives me a lot of protection against the wind.
You'd need to check if it is an appropriate fit on yours.
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By Pensioner Dan
Thanks for the replies guys.
On the Givi, did you have any problem with the fixings? there is an Oxford heated grips controler on my bars and I think I have seen some complaints that the fixings interfere with the ignition switch and brake master cylinder. I just worry that there may not be space for the Givi fixings
I don't, of course, know exactly what yours looks like.
However, I'll try to put a couple of photos on, so you might have a better idea.

Mine uses the standard parts with one exception:
I didn't want quite as many plastic bits all over the bike. So, you'll see that I drilled through the ends of the two bars and ground them flat, using a non-standard bolt. (In the photo with the slot head.)

It may also be of interest to you that Hitchcocks supply the standard Givi fixing kit and also their own version for the RE.
Why not give them a ring and check?

Best wishes, Chris
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Notes on the Photos:

1 The flat plate that Hitchcocks supply is very accurate, but you might want to very slightly reduce the sharpness of the edges. Easy.

2 I still need to find screws with just a bit smaller heads, when I get time.

3 The screen doesn't reflect the speedo as much as shown, in real life. A pity, really, as it looks like a Dali impression of the modern screen displays...
By Pensioner Dan
Haha, yes it does look a bit Dali. Your bars seem identical to mine cant see any serious differences so those pictures will certainly help. Thanks a lot. Dan

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