By Duke of Wybourne.
I have saved searches in the usual places, and have noticed over the past year prices creeping towards the ridiculous. Late 350 low mileage Bullets being advertised @ £4750, some with descriptions such as "investment grade", "rare opportunity" and other such like nonsense that would usually compliment Vincent's , Manx Norton's, Gold Stars etc. For the unfamiliar, a view of Bullet Whispers YouTube clip is a must, as many of these "fast appreciating" classics are not what they seem, and in my opinion verging on the fraudulent .

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By Adrian
Can anyone remember what the late Indian pre-EFI Bullets cost NEW, though? I fear not, it might help consumer resistance to the rip-off merchants. When a mediocre example is being offered at above its showroom price from 15 years ago you have to wonder. I think I paid £3500-ish for my new 2005 Electra-X, including the W-S Highway Kit, right-foot shift conversion and free delivery from Haywards' in Cambridge.

Unfortunately these [insert expletive here]s will try and get their loathsome tentacles in everywhere. Resist and inform the gullible, and report the fraudsters when you see them! Ebay, on-line sales, trading standards, take your pick.

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By Davedup
Some prices do seem to be haywire but I guess people will charge what people will pay. Some spares have been going for bonkers amounts too!
I've been looking for a 500 Indian Bullet running project for a while at a sensible (to me) money but maybe I'm either tight or a dreamer!
By sofiaspin
The days of a sub £2000 low mileage 2002/08 iron 500 are long gone and hardly surprising. Some will have been butchered, others worn out, some trashed and some sent to the skip. Scarcity drives up values in most things, so I have no problem with a £3000 plus late Iron 500. Try and find a Velocette Thruxton that is genuine, in good order and properly maintained for less than £25000. Nobody seems to moan about those prices. Bullets remain great value even at £3500.....
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By Exile
Like everything else on Ebay, it is either unique, antique, vintage, collectable or very rare. Being none of these...
Ebay is near fraudulent for allowing it...
By rustygman
I have been keeping a very close eye on Enfield prices this year as I am looking for a replacement for my Iron Barrel. The prices are getting pretty daft but this is true of pretty much all bikes. Frankly I feel this is temporary and prices should come down a bit once supplies of new bikes come back to normal and things settle down. I did wonder if the new Meteor will bring even more Iron Barrels onto the market so I live in hope.
By Duke of Wybourne.
Enfield have now become another victim of the "create a classic brigade". I see low mileage examples on eBay advertised as "kept in a heated garage, and dry miles only" to get the best value out of an Enfield, ride the wheels off it, and keep it going on spares from the site host. There won't be much profit in spares supply for something spending most of its life under a blanket because someone's paid that much for it they don't want to get it dirty. I've seen late Indian bullets advertised for more than a decent Redditch example can be bought for. Whether they sell, is another matter. Same story with Honda Cubs. "Investment grade motorcycle" apparently for £4500. Get a grip.
By sofiaspin
I'm not really sure what your point is if any. Most on here enjoy their Enfield's and this is the first time I have seen anyone mutter about investment. Ride them. I'm on my 7th and couldn't care less about values.
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By Nitrowing
I could understand the supply/demand argument if RE weren't actually making bikes anymore.
My pop-up headlamp Katana is now commanding 3x what I paid for it and I gained £200 on selling my C90 after just cleaning it up.
My ElectraX will probably be on ebay this summer. As much as I love it, I have no interest in constantly fettling/worrying. I have old cars for that :lol:

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