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By MattyJ
The shed has been a little cold and draughty just lately, so I have reverted to my couch potato roots by retreating to my warm and comfy lounge. I do like a bit of chewing gum for the eyes and enjoy a good TV box set binge watch while munching crisps and cookies. I recently discovered how to link BBC iplayer to my TV and have started watching the Death in Paradise series, although after a few episodes of the repetitive plot line my attention span was starting to fail me… until I noticed some of the police characters were riding a Royal Enfield and sidecar. Surprised by the appearance of the Bullet on my TV I tried to think of any other famous shows which featured Royal Enfields or any famous actors who own Royal Enfields.
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By trophyvase
Harry Potter on the big screen - but which episode of the Potter saga I do not remember.

But I guess there will be loads of Royal Enfields featured in Bollywood films!!!
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By MattyJ
Yes Hagrid had a Bullet and I think Robbie Coltrane is a bit of a petrol head, remember Coltrane in a Cadillac programme. Does Chris Barrie’s Bullet handle as well as the Star Bug or is it just a hologram.
By RoSy
That would be Martyn Hughes-Games, bit of a mouthful, I think he turned up on an Enfield in one of his programs and he also had a Triumph.
By Andy C
Think that Jim Moir AKA Vic Reeves rides an Enfield - seem to remember many years ago him posting to this forum.
Could be wrong.

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