By dunlop0_1
Hi all.

I am hoping someone can maybe help me find my old bike so I may have a chance of buying it back. It is a 2001 Clubman 500 registration number EHS 76B. I sold it around 2011 and it is still around but has been sorned for a few years so I imagine just stuck in a corner somewhere.

By Andy C

Guess you have looked up the MOT history for EHS 76B - not done many miles since 2010 has it.

I would probably make a start by contacting the person you sold it to if you still have their details - I had someone out of the blue contact about me a T160 that they used to have. I bought it off the bloke he sold to, and everyone kept everyones details, sheer luck.

Failing that why not drop DVLA a line, you can use: but not sure that your reasons meet the criteria but may be worth a punt.

I bought my old 612 back which I had new in 2003, sold in 2013 and bought it back in 2018 - someone mentioned to me that it was on E-Bay and the rest is history as they say. Always regretted selling it and wanted it back - sheer luck.

Happy hunting.
By dunlop0_1
I have made some progress by finding an old email from the guy that bought it off me. Alas he had sold it and the guy who bought it has also sold it on. He says he might have the new owners details so fingers crossed. In the mean time I have sent the relevant form to the dvla.
By Andy C

Sounds like the trail has not gone completley cold - just that one little nugget of information could lead you to it.

Keep us advised of progress.

Good luck.

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