I was all set to try my local one the Northern Classic but it's just been cancelled. Bikes sat there with the trials tyres on, road book all filled out and nowhere to go :cry:

I dont think I or the bike are capable of rock-hopping or riding up stream beds just yet so I'm really looking for another classic type one to try as a total beginner to the sport. Ideally reasonably accessable from the North of England.

I've seen the Yorkshire Dales Classic in May which I'll look into.

Unfortunately I have diary clashes/work committments on all the MCC rounds this year.

It's a 2007 350 bullet so while a lot of them are flexible about entering them in the pre-75 classes, I don't think it's allowed in proper "classic only" events like Beamish?

Any suggestions welcome.
A little further research reveals there has been internal politics galore in the classic long distance trials community in Northern England.

The Middle England Classic club are organising some Long Distance Trials but have split them from the ACTC events (there are verbose explanations as to why on their website). There is one next month near Stanhope in Durham.


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