By cambs 1951
It's now time for new tyres on the continental gt presently fitted with the original pirelli sport demons which I have been very satisfied with for grip and handling but would like to hear what other people have fitted and how they have performed in comparison . any comments would be appreciated.
By RocketRR
I tend to fit Avon Road Riders to everything when I change as they are pretty consistent in grip wet or dry, good value and I just feel confident with them. Anyway I really like them and I think they suit that style of bike also.
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By stinkwheel
I can't fault the roadriders either. Got them on my 612 bullet and they give predictable grip, more than my chassis/self can cope with. Modern, dual compound rubber in classic sizes.

A friend of mine who is a very good racer and whos opinion I respect also rates them as road tyres for more classic bikes. He just won the Ducati Desmo Due race championship so is probably a better judge of tyre performance than me.
By KC1961
I've also been fitting RoadRiders since wearing out the oe tyres. I have them on my Bonnie as well, no complaints from me.
By cambs 1951
Thanks for the input chaps , after that result I reckon I'll give the Avon road riders a go have checked them out and don't seem to be a silly price either. ..cheers.
By MuzGT
I have used the Continental Road Attack 2 tyres and rate them highly, however you do need to go to a 130/80/18 rear.
By PeteF
Another vote for Roadriders. You can get a good deal for a pair if you google around.

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